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Lynne Huras



Lynne Huras

Lynne was born and raised in the creative environment of the theatre town of Stratford, Ontario. She has, like many artists before her, found her artistic expression in the breathtaking beauty of nature. She is a graduate of the Art & Art History program at the University of Toronto/Sheridan
College and, on what was to be a short stop in Banff 13 years ago, Lynne found endless fuel for her artistic passions in the trees, rocks and water of the Rocky Mountains. She enjoys spending hours walking, sitting and sketching outdoors, absorbing the sensations of a natural experience and then taking those sketches and feelings home to translate them into acrylic on canvas. Her hope is to convey to the viewer the peace and awe she finds in, and the respect she has for, our magical home - this planet.

For the moment you can reach Lynne at e-mail address:, but watch for a Web site early on in 2005.






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